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High-Performance Micronutrient Combination

Micro - 500Micro 500 is a properly balanced formula of trace elements for all crops containing Zinc (1.8%), Manganese (1.2%), Iron (0.30%), Copper (0.25%) and Boron (0.04%). Unless soils were tested and found to have specific deficiencies, MICRO 500 can be used in all Agro-Culture LQUID Fertilizers programs.

The soil is able to supply most of the needed micronutrients most of the time. When a soil test indicates that a micronutrient level is not sufficient, Micro 500 can be added to the fertility program to ensure maximum crop performance. Research indicates that Micro 500, a combination of essential micro-nutrients, often gives better results than applications of single micronutrients even though soil test levels of the others appear to be sufficient.