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Our Boron formulation helps encourage healthy fruiting, carbohydrate and water metabolism, protein synthesis and seed development. It is highly effective in addressing in-season boron deficiencies when discovered before irreversible crop damage occurs.


Zinc improves plant growth and stimulates the enzyme system. It is important in producing chlorophyll and developing carbohydrates. Zinc is critical to high yield crop production. Our Zinc effectively addresses deficiencies discovered through soil testing, and also efficiently provides usable zinc to the growing crop during critical stages of the growing season or when deficiencies are discovered.


Iron aids in the formation of chlorophyll, acts as an oxygen carrier and helps the development of certain respiratory enzyme systems. Our iron can be applied where know deficiencies exist or to correct early deficiency symptoms.


Manganese plays a direct role in photosynthesis by aiding chlorophyll development. Manganese accelerates germination and maturity by increasing the availability of phosphorus and calcium. Manganese has been very effective in correcting the yield robbing deficiencies often found in soybeans. No antagonism or minimized effectiveness has been noted when combined with Glyphosate products.


Copper is contained in several important enzymes and is involved in photosynthesis and chlorophyll formation. Copper is often neglected as a nutrition input. Our copper helps prevent or correct deficiencies of copper. These deficiencies usually manifest a light green shade before curling, and dying back.


Molybdenum aids plants in the utilization of nitrogen. Our product has proven beneficial in many cropping environments.