Our Family of Liquid Fertilizers

AgroSpray Limited is proud to introduce AgroLiquid Fertilizers to the Canadian Market. This exclusive line of liquid fertilizer is like nothing else on the market. Its unique “organic” chelation and proprietary formulation process results in a highly usable fertilizer- it is truly HIGH PERFORMANCE. The high usability of this fertilizer means there is less to apply. A low salt index means there is less stress on the plant, germinating seeds and equipment. Also, you will make less trips across the field because they can be combined with crop protection products and you can treat more acres at a time. Less trips across the field means less soil compaction and SAVINGS!

The unique manufacturing process allows AgroSpray to custom blend the individual products in virtually any combination to meet specific crop needs. For even greater performance, micro and secondary nutrients can be added to any mix. The ability to offer custom blends is extremely unique in the market and unparalleled by any other liquid fertilizer manufacturer.

High NRG-N
High NRG-N™ is produced using multi-forms of nitrogen, sulfur, and trace amounts of Iron, Magnesium, Manganese, Zinc and proprietary enhancements.
This fast acting premium nitrogen product provides more flexibility in application than other nitrogen fertilizers.
eNhance contains sulfur and key chlorophyll building micronutrients. It is added to help the plant use nitrogen more efficiently.
Pro-Germinator® permeates the area around the seed, providing starter benefit as well as continuous, season-long phosphorus availability.
Field trials across North America have proven that recommended applications of Sure-K® can increase yield with less applied fertilizer.
A multi-nutrient formulation designed for foilar application to provide supplemental feeding as part of a complete nutrient program.
With exceptional compatibility and efficacy, Kalibrate™ provides growers timely application options that can address most nutrient needs.
Micro 500
When a micronutrient level is not sufficient, Micro500™ can be added to the fertility program to ensure maximum crop performance.
Our Boron formulation helps encourage healthy fruiting, carbohydrate and water metabolism, protein synthesis and seed development.
Our Zinc effectively addresses deficiencies discovered through soil testing, and also efficiently provides usable zinc to the growing crop.
Our iron can be applied where know deficiencies exist or to correct early deficiency symptoms.
Micro 500
Manganese has been very effective in correcting the yield robbing deficiencies often found in soybeans.
Our copper helps prevent or correct deficiencies of copper.  These deficiencies usually manifest a light green shade before curling, and dying back.
Molybdenum aids plants in the utilization of nitrogen. Our product  has proven beneficial in many cropping environments.
Sulfur deficient soils are a problem across North America. accesS™ outperforms conventional sulfur products even when applied at reduced volume.
S-CaLate™ may aid in improving nutrient efficiency in low pH environments.
Liberate Ca
Manganese has been very effective in correcting the yield robbing deficiencies often found in soybeans.
The prevention and timely correcting of magnesium deficiency symptoms, useful in crops where the carbohydrate part of the plant is being harvested.
Our Calcium assists in converting nitrate for protein and is one of the transporters of nutrients throughout the plant.